October 16, 2009

A Thought For The Day

I attended an Igniter Lunch at Evantell yesterday and heard Dr. Stanley Toussaint from Dallas Theological Seminary give a talk. As usual, Dr. Toussaint was on top of his game, and deep into the Word. Some of the thoughts he conveyed:

  • The Cross is 3 dimensional: up and down, across and out
  • When you think of the Cross, the about sin, God and people
  • When you think of sin, think about our redemption; we are bought by the Lord, it is permanent We are never back out on the market to be bought again.
  • When you think of God, think of propitiation; God is satisfied by what Jesus was done
  • When you think of people, think of reconciliation; we need to turn back to God. It is one way, God never turned from us
He summed it up nicely in what I like to think of as a thought for the day:

  • Sin is paid for
  • God is satisfied
  • All that is left is for people to turn to God in faith
He also gave what I thought was a great point from his first year of seminary. If someone has trouble accepting that Jesus died for all of their sins, past, present and future because how could He die for our future sins; ask them how many of their sins had they committed before Jesus died on the cross. Great way to think of the sufficiency of His sacrifice, the atonement is still working 2000 years later.

Dr.Toussaint packed a lot into a short talk, so glad I went.