July 16, 2008

Thoughts from seminary-I

This isn't going to be a consecutive series of posts, but periodic thoughts I have dwelled on during my seminary studies. Things I might have read, heard in class, or reflected on about life in general as I went about my studies. This is the first in what I pray will be a long list of entries:

  • Whatever you do for the Lord, do it out of joy, not a sense of duty, obligation or guilt.
  • Our passion for the Lord will not be matched by those who we witness to. Their fire may not be as hot as ours, nor even the same fire.
  • The true sin of the unsaved is rejecting Christ, since Christ died to forgive all sins. Is it the only unforgiveable sin?
  • Apologetics should be used as a bridge to share the Gospel and not an end to itself.
  • God is the same; it is we who are sometimes different. If God seems far away, it is us who has wondered off.
  • The Bible, from cover to cover, is about the glory of God. It has the redemption of the human race wedged in there as well.
  • Sinning is returning to obey your old master.
  • Many people are functional legalists, thinking their actions are pleasing to God and adding to their salvation.
  • Do you think of God as your personal genie?
  • The main appeal of Satan to man is that his doctrine is based on the self reliance and the self effort of man. He knows how to hit us where we are weakest.

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