July 7, 2008

The Mudslide

As you read the Gospel accounts, you often see where the most casual encounters Jesus has with people lead to huge changes in their lives. As I think about my own interaction with people, I want meaningful connection, I want to share my faith and my life, hear about theirs, and hopefully encourage and exhort each other. As I think about what is available to us in the way of social interactivity, I wonder how is it we are to go about managing it all.
The Internet is about more than information these days, it is about interactivity, communities of participation, social networking. What blogs you read or write, what videos you watch or send to others, how many friends you keep up with on a social networking site. But there is so much available to interact with I wonder if we are we doomed to a life of casual interaction as we glance off each other in these snippets and sound bites. Is life becoming a series of drive by postings?
How easy is it to get buried under the weight of “stuff” as you review or send out links, requests, applications, videos and on and on. Everyone has a favorite something or other that they want to share with everyone else they connect to. Before I worried about information overload, today I worry about an interactivity mudslide, an overwhelming volume and diversity of interactive choice too broad in scope to manage other than superficially. I wonder if life is becoming harder to manage with the tools we have instead of easier. I wonder if we can manage deeper personal relationships in an era of ever expanding options.
I am looking for suggestions, I am searching for answers, I’ll settle for reassurance. I am willing to be told I have unfounded concerns.
Any takers?

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